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Action-packed 3D RPG

Lost Ark Brasil is a free action MMORPG developed by Smilegate. It offers an immersive action-centric style of play and a huge world that you can explore. It also adopts a non-directed combat system and dynamic quarter-angle view, maximizing the gaming experience. Set sail on your ship, discover new regions, and battle powerful bosses, as well. It is a feature-rich game with stunning visuals and skill effects. 


The Lost Ark game is originally released for the Korean gaming market. However, as its player base grew massively, its developer released it to the global market. The game features an isometric 3D gameplay similar to that of Diablo 3, with the sense of discovery and immersion found in open-world MMORPGs

The game features both an open-world environment and instanced raids just like in Vindictus. In the game, players will be able to discover unique islands as they explore the map in their ships. In doing so, they can fight with raid bosses on interactive battlegrounds. And since this is a massively multiplayer game, they can fight with and alongside other players. The game offers 1v1 and 3v3 PvP matches. 


The game offers classes that you can play, and these classes have subclasses that you can unlock. You can choose one of these classes when you create your character. Once you’ve reached level 10, you can choose your destination—or subclass—in Trison Gate.  The Trison Gate allows you to test the different subclasses before making your final choice. Choose well because the game does not allow you to change the subclass later. And just like other RPG games, the class you chose will impact how well you play the game. 

Aside from the main campaign, Lost Ark Brasil also comes with mini-games. You can take a break from all the fighting at a local tavern where you can challenge other players in a monster card game duel. Or you can just engage in a keg drinking contest and have a lot of fun. 

But, if you are set on taking a long break from all the battles and challenges, Lost Ark Brasil also allows you to manage your conquered island as you see fit. You can mine, fish, dig for artifacts, and practice other life skills to collect valuable resources. 

Technical aspects

Lost Ark Brasil drew attention among gamers because it merged traditional quarter-view hack n’ slash mechanics with quality graphics. The character motion was smooth, and the overall details in the map, texture, and objects were knit together really well. The variety of backgrounds were also fun to watch.

The GUI is also something to note about. It is simple and intuitive, allowing you to easily understand its navigation. You can also laud the dramatic composition of the game, as various cutscenes use different camera angles instead of being fixed on a quarter view. This added cinematics raised the overall quality of the game.

However, while the game is great as it is, there are still some areas that the developers can polish. For one, it would be better if the character’s movement speed is increased by 10% or 15%. Lost Ark Brasil’s basic movement speed is too slow when compared to other similar games.

Finally, it would also be better if the players will have more opportunities to interact with other players since it is, on the core, an MMORPG. However, the game felt more like a single-player title. Sure, there are dungeons in which you can enter with other players, but the overall design looks like more of a MORPG than MMORPG.


If you are a fan of massively multiplayer online RPG, then Lost Ark Brasil is a must-try. The game offers an immersive world filled with action-packed gameplay. Though the game is not perfect and still needs some polishing, it can sure give you a thrilling entertainment for hours on end.


  • Immersive action-centric playing style
  • Dynamic quarter view angle
  • Overall high-quality graphics
  • Simple and intuitive GUI


  • Slow character movement speed
  • Not so much interaction with other players


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Lost Ark Brasil


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